Tommy Wills - "Man With A Horn"

          For many years now, renowned recording artist
         Tommy Wills and his band have toured thoughout
          the U.S. and Canada, recording tunes such as
          "Man With A Horn", which hit the national charts
          in 1963.

          Tommy, a favorite of jukebox operators everywhere,
          has appeared six of the last nine years for the Juke
          Box Operators Convention Show
and the
          A.M.O.A. in Chicago.

Tommy Wills Image
          In 1963, Tommy had a 45rpm hit, a jazz and pop sound "Man With a Horn" that hit the charts and most JukeBoxes
          all over the world.

          In the 70's, Tommy played Country Sax with "Country Shows WWVA" in Wheeling, W. VA, and Nashville,
          Tennessee, touring all across America until 1980.

          Tommy and his "Tom Cats" continue to delight the crowds with encore performances of his signature "Big Band"

          "Swingin' Yakety Sax",  a new version of the Boots Randolph hit of 1963, was just released by Tommy Wills
          (Saxman from Midwest USA) and is being distributed by VerTom Enterprises on the Golden Moon label,
          handled through Independent Distributors and "One Stops".

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